The Oaks

The Oaks

My in-laws bought a 100 year old lodge this year. Don't be fooled-- it is not currently a lodge nor are there any plans to reinstate it as a commercially running lodge. There are, however, plans in place to lodge the entire family as a family cottage.

In addition to the main lodge, there are a number of separate log cabins, and we are fortunate enough to "claim" a cabin as our landing space. Each cabin was previously named and some with the name still on the front door. Ours as been a-door-ned "The Oaks" which we are happy to keep. 

Each cabin has the exact same layout:  catch-all room and two bedrooms. It's basically one big square with tall pony walls dividing the space. To create some fun and some more usable space, we are building a loft above the existing bedrooms. Rob was able to complete nearly half of it this visit, and will plug away on future trips. 

Pretty excited and grateful to have this to create oodles of memories with.

It's a pretty long haul from home, so the updates will be visit-permitting....

but for a now....

Welcome to The Oaks.