This blog chronicles the adventures of home renovations, dog tales, parenthood, and everything in between.

This is their second house-made-into-a-home. They sold their first bungalow and moved to their dream neighbourhood into their dream house. Thanks for joining in on our stories, memories, lessons learned, and overall company.


Our approach is to first and foremost see how we can tackle something ourselves. We are huge fans of DIY and consequently Rob is big on watching YouTube instructional videos on laying tiles, or installing windows, and Maggie is big on pinterest...for all the things. 

Although we may not always have the professionals come in and do magazine worthy jobs, we have fun along the way making it our way. 

Home. /hōm/

NOUN a building made of four walls where you spend your days making memories, learning lessons, making mistakes and spending money on not-so-fun things like plumbing disaster or a new roof. We woudln't have id any other way...


well...maybe not the plumbing issues...