Hanging a gallery in 20 minutes. Go!

So we have been doing a lot to our house, as you know. But during the day when it's just Ellie and I our time is mostly devoted to playing with toys, sing songs, stories and general errand running. And then most home Reno related jobs are done during naps or after bedtime. But there was one task that couldn't well be done during sleepy times...hanging frames in her room. There's just something about a drill, a hammer and a sleeping baby in the same room that don't go well together... So, I decided to hang her frames in between playing and stories.. And we did it in twenty mins! I followed the trusty method of using scrap paper to cut out the sizes of all the frames and hang with tape and rearrange until it's juuuuust right then nail right into the paper and voila! It's super helpful and easy. There probably is a tried and true method involving equations and mathematical rules to hanging a gallery wall but I didn't have time for that (or the interest). So I just played around with my paper frames until I liked the way all the pieces fit.

Twenty minutes later and we were done! No naps even had to be interrupted.











We Blew Ourselves Up!

When the Cat's Away, the Mouse Will Play

When the Cat's Away, the Mouse Will Play